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  • Coffee tasting experience at Divino Café

    You will live one of the best coffee experiences in Colombia, We will meet at our #1 Tripadvisor coffee shop (Experience Center), in one of the most emblematic sectors of Bogotá, we will do a brief introduction in which we will tell you our story and why Colombian coffee is considered one of the best in the world , we will carry out a coffee tasting which is a fun dynamic in which through the senses you will learn to differentiate a good coffee from one that is not so good in its fragrance, aroma, flavor and texture, later, you will taste four special single origin coffees prepared in four different methods (Chemex, Aeropress, Japanese siphon and espresso machine), and you will discover some tricks and techniques to make your coffee at home perfect. At the end, for those who wish, we will send a file with the memories. Contact me for more information. Our team has acquired all the experience and love for coffee to provide you with an unforgettable experience and is happy to welcome you. Important note. English 9:00 am Spanish 11:00 am, 1:00 Pm, 3:00 Pm To learn more visit us at: @divinocafeespecial

  • Everything about coffee

    You will know the difference between an excellent coffee and a medium quality one, you will prepare coffee with me in real time and in a fun way we will solve concerns such as: What makes Colombian coffee so special? How to prepare an excellent cup of coffee? What characteristics does a specialty coffee have? How to recognize and buy a good coffee anywhere in the world?, among others. I will share my recipe to make coffee at home like an expert! At the end I will send you a file with the memories. Some of the teams that have had this experience belong to: LG, Dropbox, Walmart, Code42, Airbnb, Elastic, Claremon Mckenna College, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Lilt, Riot Games, MongoDB, HP, Fundación Barco, Universidad del Rosario, Seti. Qrvey Colombia, Colpatria, Korean Embassy in Colombia Contact me for more information. You can also request a time different from the one offered. To learn more visit us at: @divinocafeespecial

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