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    Awaken your senses with this entertaining and fun coffee tasting at home, you will learn to recognize its aroma, fragrance and flavor. All the necessary elements will arrive at your house to develop an unforgettable experience. The tasting kit includes: - 2 coffee samples - 2 heat resistant glass tumblers - Instruction card - 3 bags of 125 g each of three single origin coffees. - French Press 350 ml Contact us if you have a request for special hours. Email:


    Wonderful experience that introduces you to the world of specialty coffee. In a fun way you will learn what is necessary to recognize a specialty coffee anywhere in the world.


    Unforgettable experience for coffee lovers, perfect for groups and business teams! You will know the difference between an excellent coffee and a medium quality one, you will prepare coffee with me in real time and in a fun way we will solve questions such as: What makes Colombian coffee so special? How to prepare an excellent cup of coffee? What characteristics does a specialty coffee have? How to recognize and buy a good coffee anywhere in the world?, Among others. I'll share my recipe for making coffee at home like an expert! At the end I will send you a file with the memories. Some of the teams that have had this experience belong to: Google, LG, Dropbox, Walmart. Contact us for more information. Contact us if you have a request for special hours. Email:


    Get ready to live an unforgettable experience, preparing with me five delicious drinks with coffee. You will learn how to prepare a delicious Cappuccino, Mocaccino, Café Bombón, Iced Coffee and Iced Latte, all from your home. What you will need: - Coffee makers: French press (required) Your favorite coffee maker (optional) -Ingredients: Coffee, milk, chocolate sauce, condensed milk, ice. If you don't have all the items, you can join in and have a good time learning how to make these delicious drinks at home. Contact us if you have a request for special hours. Email:

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